Why Bother Considering Our Intentions?

Why Bother Considering Our Intentions?

I believe intentions not only move us toward our goals, but they also keep our actions aligned and linked to our beliefs. When my morals line up with my goals, then my intentions will keep me on the right track.  

                  Designing Your Purpose

We can think of our intentions as the very embodiment of our ideals. Our intentions also keep us moving toward our goal. Our purpose does not work against us, but instead, naturally with us. Neither does it conflict with our ideals. Intentions, beliefs and goals should all be calibrated to work in unity with one another. If I have to spend a lot of time convincing myself that what I am doing is the right thing, then something, whether the goal, intention or belief, may be out of sync with each other. 

With this in mind, the more conscious I can be with what I am doing and why I am doing it, the easier and clearer my decision making process becomes.  

A long time ago, I made the goal to change the shape of my body, which at the time looked like a refrigerator box. I wanted to look different. I wanted an actual waistline and defined muscles in my arms and legs. I wanted to be stronger, build stamina, feel more energetic and better about myself. This lofty goal not only led me to a different body shape, but it also aligned my life to my ideals and clarified my purpose. 

Pursuing my physical wellness took me down a path where I realized other changes that needed to be made; namely mental and spiritual wellness. Wanting physical wellness for myself was only the beginning to a longer lasting journey of overall sound health. Since embodying this intention of seeking after personal wellness, making every day decisions about diet, exercise, the company I keep, and how I spend my time is narrowed down to my intention of overall wellness.  

Why bother to consider our intentions? Our intentions are worth considering since they move us toward our goals and anchor us to our beliefs. 

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