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Why Bother Reconsidering a Decision?

When it comes to making decisions, I am not one who hesitates or wastes any time hemming and hawing. I am not known as an indecisive woman or as one who changes her mind.  Once a decision is made, I stick to it.  Perhaps my ability to condense choices down to either A or B…
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Why Bother Gaining Understanding of Ourselves?

My father was an alcoholic and when I was thirteen, he ended his life. According to the experts, I fall under two categories; I am an adult child of an alcoholic as well as an adult child of family dysfunction. I’ve read the list of psychological behaviors listed for both adult children of alcoholics and…
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Why Bother Allowing?

Spending time with a friend one-on-one is my favorite way to spend time with a friend. In this way, conversations, long or short, are personal, to the point and usually poignant. After such an exchange, it is not unusual for me to walk away with a heart filled with happiness, and a bit of  wisdom…
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Why Bother Harnessing Our Imagination?

A few months after my father’s suicide, I was lying in bed. It was dark. Off in the distance, I could hear the emergency sirens coming from police cars. My body felt both cold and sweaty at the same time. Mom was not home. Was she hurt? What if she dies? Our Fear Based Stories…
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