Why Bother Not Taking Offense?

Taking up an offense against someone is a human response that results in missing out. But why is it that we become offended in the first place? Perhaps it’s because we believe we have something to defend, or maybe the person with whom we are offended has struck a chord that rings true. Either way,…
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Mental Health

Why Bother to Press Pause?

I cannot count the times I’ve crawled under my desk, at home and at work, to unplug the cords to my computer. It seems that when I call for technical assistance, this is the first thing they suggest: unplug everything and count to 60 and then plug everything back in again. Sometimes, that is what…
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Why Bother Learning from the Coots?

I am fortunate. I live in an area where wildlife and humans coincide. My yard is a well established trail way for deer and moose who sometimes bed down, nibble on my fruit trees or eat bird seed from my feeder. Then there are the geese, who when flying south for the winter, take a…
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old photos in brown wooden chest

Why Bother Considering Our Heritage?

For the first eight years of my life, I had the privilege of growing up in Nebraska in close proximity to my relatives. I lived in the same town as my maternal grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. Although my maternal great grandmother lived in Idaho, she’d sometimes visit her oldest daughter, my grandmother.   Though my…
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