A Mighty Fortress

Why Bother Dismantling Defenses?

 We all have our defenses and for good reasons. At different junctures in our lives, we’ve all felt the stinging effects of being taken advantage of, lied to, and physically or mentally hurt. As a result, we build our forts, so to speak, to keep others out and to keep ourselves safe.  A Call to…
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Why Bother Leading With Your Ears?

It’s been said that communication is key to relationships and I agree. Therefore, if  relationships hinge on our ability to communicate with others, then it is imperative that we know the best way to communicate with anyone.  What’s Your Style? For the sake of ease; communication styles can be condensed down to four different varieties.…
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Why Bother Letting Ourselves off the Hook?

If I were to sit and mull over all the stupid things I’ve said and done in my life, I imagine looking a little bit like Job, sitting in the dirt scraping my skin with a broken piece of pottery. The story of Job is a sad one. After he had lost his family and…
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Mental Health

Why Bother With Integrity?

I believe we are born to tell the truth and to trust others to tell us the truth. It is only when we experience our first lie; whether in the telling or in the receiving, that the doorway of fabrication opens to us. Then, we discover a whole new world called lying and we may…
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