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Why Bother Being Amiable?

It is natural, normal and healthy to form friendships. But relationships change. Through elementary school, high school, college or during our careers, we may have formed rich and rewarding relations with others. While some of those connections may have remained, others may have fallen by the wayside. Undoubtedly, friends come and go, but our ability…
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Why Bother Living an Examined Life?

To live a well adapted life, one that is congruent and aligned with our morals and values is not for the faint of heart. Without a doubt, living well is an ongoing work. Without doing the work, our lives become incongruent.          Stable Makes Us Able An unexamined life is one that is tossed to…
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Why Bother Dethroning Perfectionism?

I cannot tell you when or where perfectionism grabbed my attention and captivated my interest because I do not know. I am not aware of any one specific person, event or notion that convinced me that life required me to be supreme, ideal and excellent in all things at all times.        …
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Mental Health

Why Bother Being Thankful?

Although the Thanksgiving holiday is in the past, our ability to cultivate an attitude of gratitude is always present. We can extend our sense of gratitude, gratefulness, and thankfulness into each day of the year. Expressing, noticing, and feeling grateful is nothing we have to ration, rather it is something which can abound within us. …
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