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Why Bother Noticing a Favorable Time?

Recently, while visiting with a friend, she asked me, “How long did it take you to write your book?” 

“To actually write and publish it, took only about two years. But it simmered in my head for more than thirty years.” 

Over Time

I was always aware of the story of my father’s suicide that boiled gently inside my head. Then, it began to make its way onto the pages of my journals. From there, I began submitting pieces of it to my writer’s group. Their comments encouraged me to pursue putting it into the form of a book and so began my journey down a new path, one called, “Book Publishing.” 

At first, I walked with trepidation, uncertainty and suspicion. What will happen? Can I trust people who are in the publishing business? Soon enough, professional companions linked their arms to mine and showed me the way.  My anxiety gave way to peace, uncertainty turned into confidence, and trust replaced my suspicion. As a result, my story is no longer inside my head, rather, it is now a book that people hold in their hands to read. 

This same pathway that led me into the world of publishing a book also led to other opportunities. I’ve joined a club to hone my public speaking skills and also discovered a small independent business who rebuilt my web page. 

I’ve gone from ruminating on a story, to speaking in public, to looking professional on the world wide web. How did this transformation take place? It did not happen suddenly or all at once. Rather the changes that have occurred are a result of noticing the suitable opportunities when they present themselves. 

First of all, if I’d tried to write this story any time sooner, the results would have been a half baked story with unfiltered emotion and an unhappy ending. But, the season was right. The encouragement from my writer’s group spurred me to write about something I’d stored in my head, but at the same time was ready to let go of. 

Secondly, though I’ve always felt fairly comfortable in front of people, joining a public speaking group has given me the confidence I need to promote and market my book. Before publishing my book, I did not have a reason to hone my speaking skills.

Finally, I’ve known for a while that I needed to upgrade my website. It was during a conversation with someone from my publishing team that I got a recommendation. If I’d not followed through with that tip, my site would still look the same. 

Why bother noticing those favorable times? When we pay attention and look for the next possible step, undoubtedly, a favorable time will show itself to us. 

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