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Why Bother Being Creative?

I admire the seemingly inborn talent of artists, musicians and storytellers. When I stroll through art galleries, I admire how the artisan can create abstract or realistic scenes using their imagination, perspective and color. When I watch musicians perform I am enthralled with their ability to make beautiful sounds from their instrument and when I read stories I am always filled with wonder by the way an author can take me to their imaginary world and introduce me to the characters they’ve created. 

Other Ways to be Creative

Regardless if we possess the skills to create art, music or a novel, all of us can develop the talent for responding creatively to the people and circumstances in our lives. Being creative with our responses does not require talent, but it does require repetitive practice. 

Difficult events and irksome people call us to respond responsibly. And though taking a deep breath might be a useful tool to calm us down momentarily, sometimes we need a more long-term solution to stressful situations.  

Consequently, practicing an attitude of gratitude during regular, ordinary moments in our day, molds an overall perspective of seeing life through grateful eyes. Thus, when those tense moments present themselves and impatience threatens to dominate every nerve ending in our body, remembering gratitude will show us a better way to respond. 

While anger causes us to react with vengeance, gratitude gives us the power to respond more creatively. None of us can control the number of annoying people we bump into on any given day, or sudden disappointing circumstances, but we do have the power to ponder for a moment before we take any action. That slight pause in-between the event and our reaction, gives us space. And that little bit of space is all it takes for us to consider our choice. Can I somehow be grateful for this person who grates on me? Can I imagine seeing the displeasing circumstance from a better angle? I might think of a sarcastic word to say or a defensive move to make, but what if I think again? What if I give way to gratitude? What might transpire? 

Why bother being creative? There are many different choices we can make when under duress. Choosing gratitude gives us the power to create a better way to respond.

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