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Why Bother Applauding The Patient People in Our Lives?

Why Bother Applauding The Patient People in Our Lives?

I am attracted to patient people. Their poise and composure remind me of talented musicians; both having abilities that naturally flow from a stream somewhere deep inside of them. Though I do not possess either musical talent or equanimity, my husband and a few other people in my life are endowed with the gift of forbearance. Left to myself and without these even-tempered individuals in my life, I’d be a much more intolerable sort of person to be around. 

My husband is a handsome man, but it wasn’t just his looks that made my heart flutter whenever I was around him. Rather, I sensed in him something I lacked; a calmness that was not rocked by my storminess.  

Quiet Persistence

Even before we were married, I noticed my husband’s stamina, quiet persistence and constancy in the way he built houses or cleaned the spark plugs in my car. Five years older than me, marriage was on his mind, but not mine. Uncertain I could stay in a relationship that required me to remain faithful until death parted us, I ignored his first and second marriage proposals. The third time he proposed to me, I accepted. His willingness to wait unwearied for my “yes” finally won me over. 

I am not quite as restless as I was when we first married, and I have mellowed with ages, but I know I’ll never catch up to his authentic and unflappable talent to stay steady no matter what. 

Best Friend 

My best friend Deb is also gifted with patience. She thinks before she speaks but does not roll her eyes at my blatant and abrupt remarks that fly out of my mouth. She only shares her opinion when asked and does not try to convince me of any other opinion than the one I have. When I am agitated, she stays calm and like my husband, remains unflustered by my clamor. Though she has felt the full weight of my personality, it’s never caused her to fall down with fear. Her winsome smile warms my heart and assures me that no matter what, she will always be my best friend. 

It is normal to want others to see things just as we see them, to get just as riled up as we do,  and to react just as quickly. Thinking things through takes too long and staying calm seems weak. Yet without people unlike people like myself, the world would be a worse place than it is. 

Who would have the staying power to remain unflinching before the impatient masses. Peacemaker personalities are essential. 

Why bother to applaud the imperturbable people in our lives? It is worth it because their strength withstands the fury of the perturbed.

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