Why Bother To Notice Your Energy?

Why Bother To Notice Your Energy?

There are twenty-four hours in every day, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks a year. Though there are different time zones across our world, the same amount of time is bestowed upon all of us every day.  Though these statements are true about time, the same cannot be said about our body’s energy. 

Quantity of Energy

When it comes to our levels of energy, we are not created equal. Our quantity of energy relates directly to how we feel. The better we feel, the more we feel like doing. It is hard to gauge the exact amount of energy we need to live through a twenty-four hour period of time. Unlike using up the number of hours in a day, the amount of body energy we use in a day is not as easy to calculate. Yet, if we are conscious of how we feel, we know when we have drained our tank. Thankfully, there are ways to nourish and restore ourselves so that  we can move forward into the next day. 

Understanding what a body needs to be well is the beginning of understanding how to generate better quality and a better quantity of energy for our bodies. There is a basic universal foundation to wellness; eat well, sleep well and exercise. Easy to say, harder to do.  

Getting to know how different foods affect our bodies is not difficult. It is just a matter of paying attention to what happens after you eat something. Indigestion, heartburn, bloatiness, or satisfaction are a few of the results after one ingests food. For example, though I love the taste of fried ice-cream, I know from experience that I will experience a brain buzz and a dry mouth from what seemingly tastes good to my taste buds. Better for me to omit fried ice-cream from my diet and settle for a piece or two of dark chocolate. A nice and satisfying alternative. 

Going to sleep at night is not hard for me to do. But staying asleep can be a bit more challenging. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, worry wakes me with a jolt. I will suddenly wonder if I will remember all the detailed chores I need to accomplish the next day, or if I will hear back from someone I need to hear back from. Falling back to sleep usually is as simple as taking some mindful deep breaths. Sleeping is important. It is the body and minds way of rejuvenating. Without it we turn into half wits. 

Finally, there is the exercise component. Body movement helps us control our weight, improves our mood and increases our vitality. Finding what works for our bodies is important. If we are not enjoying what we do, we won’t do it.  Stationary bicycles do not work for me. I have to be on a real one where I feel the breeze, where the scenery changes and where I can smell the fresh air. I don’t run on a treadmill for the same reason. But, finding something that works for a workout motivates me to keep my workout routine. 

Why bother to notice your energy? It is worth knowing that when it comes to our levels of energy, we are not created equal, but we can be as equally wise as the next person when we choose to take care of what we have.

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