Why Bother To Notice The Difference Between The Dark And The Light?

Why Bother To Notice The Difference Between The Dark And The  Light?

I run at the same time no matter the season, 5:00 a.m. But there is a big difference between my winter and spring running; as different as day is to night. In the winter, it is still dark at 5:00 a.m., while in the spring, it is light. Although my body welcomes the warmer temperatures of the spring air, running in the daylight after running in the dark takes time to adjust to because the light exposes everything that the dark once covered up. 

Exposed By The Light

For one thing, the daylight now shows my unfashionable running gear. My pants do not match my shirt and my hat clashes with everything. When running in the dark, my lack of style matters to no one since no one sees my purple hat, blue pants and green shirt. When running in the dark, early morning commuters only see the flashing Velcro safety light attached to one of my legs giving them warning of my presence on the dark road. Now in the light, those same commuters see my unfashionable, blaring and clashy colors making me a little more conscious of what others may think of my choices in running gear. But, I’m not embarrassed so much that I have to change my outfit. 

I know there is a proper form to running, but I’ve formed my own style, unique to me. My gait is one of a kind, something I’ve developed while covering the miles I’ve run. My pace is slow and steady giving me time to enjoy the quiet solitude that comes when I’m running, especially unseen and in the dark. Daylight running exposes my gait. Others can now see and even critique my style, and pace. For a while, until I get used to the public witnessing my style, unique to me, I’m a little self conscious.  But not enough to change the pace that I know is good for me. 

Either way, when I run in the dark or in the light, I’m still the same runner. I wear the same clashy clothes and move along at the same pace with my unique gait. The light simply exposes what has previously been in the dark. Why brother to notice the difference between the dark and the light? It is worth it to note that whatever is done under the cover of darkness is exposed by the light. 


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