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Why Bother to Mark the Halfway Point?

Why Bother to Mark the Halfway Point?

Depending upon if you are an optimist or a pessimist will determine if you see January as halfway done or with still too many days to go.

Since my personality leans toward finding the sunny side of a circumstance, I’m looking at the days behind me and well as the days ahead. 

January weather has been nasty with rain, wind, fog and some sporadic sunshine, yet on the mornings when I go out for a run, I’ve been blessed by dry weather. One day last week, the wind blew trees down causing power outages that cancelled school for a day. I took it as a respite day and settled in at home with a good book. When the sun did shine and the sky turned blue, I looked up and breathed in a hint of warm spring. 

The days that are absent of rain, and give a glimpse of blue sky and sun, I count as an unexpected interlude from January’s harshness and a gift to be enjoyed.  It is these little intervals that give me the encouragement I need to stick with the commitments I’ve made; look toward the bright side, drink more water than wine and eat more vegetables than chocolate. 

Halfway Finished

Today marks the halfway point of January and I believe that a halfway point is important to note. 

Back in the day when I was much more competitive, I’d signed up to participate in a half marathon run. I knew I’d never do 26.2 miles, the distance of a full marathon, but 13. 5 miles I thought would be doable. 

 Yet at the start, with a longer course than I’d ever ran before, the race felt like a mistake. Why did I sign up for this? I’ll never make it. I could only think of the distance that stretched before me as being too long, and the finish line too far away.

Then I got to the halfway mark where a group of bystanders stood blowing their horns, clapping their hands, and waving their signs with encouraging messages; You are almost there, You can do this. I glimpsed someone dressed as Big Bird flapping their wings and ran on with a fresh boost of energy making it to the finish line.

Yes, there are still quite a few days left ahead of nasty rain, wind, and fog with some sporadic sunshine. But, when the days that are absent of rain, giving a glimpse of blue sky and sun, or when you are given an unexpected  day of rest, count them as unexpected interludes from January’s harshness.  Accept them as gifts and enjoy them. These little intervals will give you the encouragement you need to stick with whatever commitment you made at the beginning of this new year.  

Why bother to mark the halfway point? It is worth it to note how many days we’ve gone forward and how much ground has already been covered. The finish line is up ahead. Stay the course. We’ve got what it takes.

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