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Why Bother to Know Someone?

I knew of Luke, my husband, before I married him. I knew he worked as a forklift driver at Kawasaki, a manufacturing plant. He shared an apartment with a friend, and drove a Volkswagen. Luke was handy with his hands and helped one of my older brothers to build my mom’s garage. He was musically inclined and played the guitar. He could also carry a tune and often sang harmony during jam sessions with friends. I knew these things about Luke, but I didn’t really know him, until after we married. 

Knowing Someone for Yourself

With marriage comes commitment and with commitment comes a relationship where two people grow and mature together. Yet, even after more than four decades of marriage, my husband still surprises me. For instance, the other morning while readying myself for work, I’d forgotten how a friend had shown me how to tie a scarf around my neck as a colorful accessory. Asking Luke for help, he expertly tied the colorful scarf. Who knew that this man could complete such a fashion feat!  

I am fully convinced that Luke is for me. He takes charge of the grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom and paying bills. He manages these things without a hitch so that I don’t have to. 

I sensed he was a good man when I married him, but I had no idea of the extent of his goodness. 

As it goes, I knew a few things about God too before I made the commitment to follow him. I knew that he existed, that he was powerful, and eternal. But that was the extent of my knowledge. After making the choice to follow him, I’ve gotten to know him instead of just knowing about him. 

I discovered early on that God is all about relationships. For instance, he died for my sins, not just the sins of the world, that I am one of his children and that makes him my father. 

His love for me is not just a word, but also an action. God so loved the world that he gave his son. In his presence I find comfort and courage and he’s promised never to leave me so I can rest and not worry. 

I’ve known God longer than I’ve been married and yet he still surprises me. He’s led me down paths I’d never imagined traveling on as well as through trials I thought I’d never survive. 

Why bother to know someone? We can know about someone, but that is nothing like knowing them.

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