Why Bother to Inspire?

Why Bother to Inspire?

We’ve all been inspired by someone at some point in our lives. Perhaps it was a teacher, a grandparent, a sibling or a priest. These people who have motivated us all had one thing in common; our good. They saw what we did not see and then gave us the ability to see it too. They believed in us while we still had our doubts. Those who cared enough to invest themselves in us saw what was invisible to us; our value, our worth and our potential. 

A Rousing Relationship

For example, I can recall one high school science teacher who motivated me to actually attend his class instead of skipping it. He prompted me to do my homework rather than thinking it didn’t matter and to volunteer my time with experiments after school in lieu of just hanging out at home alone. Inspiring teenagers is not for the faint of heart, but he lit the fire under me simply by looking me in the eye when he talked to me, pronouncing my name correctly, and praising me for the work I accomplished. In essence, he saw me as the unique individual that I was and because of that, he helped shape me into a better individual. 

As a writer, I am always looking for ways to strengthen my writing. For that reason, I put myself in the company of better writers. At first, these published and polished authors intimidated me. But as I’ve gotten to know them, I trust their constructive critiques and receive their comments as a valuable gift. They are the ones who keep me pointed in the right direction with my writing. 

Finally, growing as a communicator, I’ve committed myself to a new group, professional speakers. I’m the novice, the inexperienced one, the rookie of speaking in public. Yet, within this club, I’ve once again discovered those who are willing to invest in me to bring out the best in me. Their critiques are both tough enough and tender enough to not to break me, but rather to shape me into someone who knows what they are saying. 

Those who inspire us are the wind in our sail, the voice that speaks the truth, the compass that urges us to move in the right direction, and the hands that are both tender and tough enough to mold us into someone better. 

Why bother to inspire? We’ve all been strengthened by someone to rise up and to be our best. Perhaps it is now our turn to invigorate another. 

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