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Why Bother Managing Opinions?

Everyone has an opinion about something and somebody. But, opinions are not a fact. Instead, an opinion is a speculation, a sentiment, impression, or assumption that seems probable, but cannot be demonstrated with fact. 

Because everyone has their own judgment, notion or perception about everything and everybody, it is up to us to decide whose ideas we accept or whose ideas we reject.

    Subjecting to…

Whose ideas, perceptions and points of view I accept or reject depends on who the person is, what my relationship is with them, and if I sense whether their words will cause me to grow into something better or cause me to shrink from shame.

As a writer, I subject myself to constructive criticism from the women in my writer’s group. Also, when I submitted my first manuscript to a publishing company, I opened myself up to receive or reject the ideas from the editor. 

Posting blogs opens me to the comments of my readers and since joining a public speaking club, every time I give a speech, I receive feedback from the evaluator as well as individuals in the audience. 

Then there are our own personal opinions that we hold about ourselves. 

If we think too highly of ourselves, we’ll toot our own horns and drive others away with our pompous pride. If our sentiments toward ourselves are too low, then people will tend to pour pity on us or avoid us altogether. 

How then do we manage all these various opinions from others and ourselves? 

Exactly whose ideas, perceptions and points of view should I accept or reject? 

Since an opinion is only an opinion and not a fact, then perhaps it is best to check the impressions of others as well as the notions we have about ourselves, with what we consider to be a standard of truth for ourselves. 

Opening ourselves up to the opinions of others can be helpful, and healthy, but caution is advised. Personally, I rely on what God has to say because what he says to say about me is factual and not probable.

Why bother managing opinions? Whether it is a view from another or our own appraisal of ourselves, managing our opinions from a standard of truth helps us to stay afloat instead of sinking under the plethora of opinions. 

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