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Why Bother Letting Go of Blame?

Why Bother Letting Go Of Blame?

     Blame is a little, but powerful word and carries with it, big and lasting consequences. When ignored, blame creates impasses between individuals and divides families. It cuts off fruitful communication, and muddies the water, making the real issue difficult to see. 

     It is convenient to accuse another person of hurting our feelings, making us feel bad, or tell them they are causing us emotional discomfort. When we do so, then we tell ourselves we are not the problem. The other person is. We don’t need to change. They do. The problem lies in their court, not ours.

      Pinning the blame on another is easy, but the harder thing to do, taking responsibility for our own actions, is the better thing to do. 

Take a Good Look At the Face in the Mirror

      We don’t have too many leaders in the world today giving us good examples of facing up to our wrong doings. Even professional athletes and politicians shift the blame to someone else. It is a rare occasion to hear someone in the limelight fess up to their own infractions. But when they do, we applaud and admire their humility. We don’t have to wait for a famous person to set an example. Instead, we can be the one to set an example for others. 

     Like an ice jam damming up the flow of water in a river, blaming freezes an issue.  Productive communication halts, grudges form and anger, a regular contributor to blame escalates.  Relationships turn rocky, rough, and toxic,  sometimes coming to end. 

      But when just one person owns up to their wrong attitude, or actions, the ice begins to thaw and possibilities abound. Honest communication can flow, resentments fall by the wayside and repairing the damaged relationship can begin.  In essence, when we let go of blame, own what we need to own, then good changes can take place.

    Why bother letting go of blame? It is worth letting go of our blame because even if it is the harder thing to do, it is the better thing to do. 

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