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Why Bother Knowing Who We Know?

I graduated from a two year college, then a four year college and then earned my teaching certification. I journeyed through academia in order to reach my goal of becoming an employable citizen, specifically, a public school teacher. 

Practical Experience

I’d experienced teaching before earning my official certification to teach. I’d homeschooled my sons and then taught in a private elementary school. But, to teach in a state run public school, I had to hop through their standard requirements and pass several exams. It was a proud moment when I finally received my license to teach.

Over the course of my teaching career, I’ve taken professional development classes as well as college courses to maintain my license and stay current with my knowledge as an instructor. 

But, as helpful as professional development can be, there is nothing quite like learning to teach in  a classroom full of students. They are the fire, so to speak, that every teacher has to walk through before they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are truly a school teacher.

 Though many people can ace the college requirements and exams, when it comes to standing in front of a group of students, who test every fiber of your patience and every morsel of your knowledge, not everyone makes the cut. And though we may make the cut with one group of students, every year a whole new group tests you in new and different ways. 

In similar ways, I’ve found that my faith, a solid substance, is nothing that can be learned any other way than by walking through the trial by fire. 

 Reading and studying the Bible is a way to educate ourselves about the Old Testament, New Testament, the Hebrew language, the Greek language, the prophecies foretold about Jesus, the chosen people, the Jews, the Gospel, the Gentiles, grace, forgiveness and salvation. But reading and studying the Bible does not give us the real life experience of walking along with Jesus. That only comes when we believe, accept and surrender to the One who delivers us from our self reliance which leads to certain death. 

We can know a lot, but knowing a lot does not prepare us to walk through the fire of grief, loss, temptation, doubt, fear, anxiety and worry. Only living life by faith in our Deliverer  prepares us for such things as that.

Why bother knowing what we know? God is not pleased by how much we know but rather who we know.

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