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Why Bother Being a Nonconformist?

There was a time when I was on a trajectory toward hippie-ism. This counterculture appealed to me. It was an easy group to join. All I had to do was burn my bra, listen to the Beatles and smoke pot. Then, I’d be free from the confines of my culture. But, I found that this counterculture was no more freeing than the culture I thought I’d abandoned. Conformity to being cool was still a requirement I had to follow. 


Countercultures still abound in our world today. Much like commercials, they tap into our cravings, and promise what they cannot deliver; freedom, love and peace. 

We all desire freedom, love and peace, but when it is not found in our culture or in a counterculture, then where do we fulfill our desires that reside inside of us?

 First of all, it is no accident or cruel joke that we were designed for relationships. Even though we’ve all experienced some interpersonal connections that have ended in divorce, death, and disappointment, we’ve also experienced fulfilling, inspiring and life changing relationships. 

It is both the flawed and unflawed connections with others that keeps our longing for a perfect relationship alive until we are satisfied.

I’d like to suggest that we’ve been created in such a way that our deepest inward longings are satisfied through a unique, individual and first hand experience with our Creator. And the satisfaction that a perfect relationship brings begins with one’s first step of faith in the One and only One who perfected relationships for all time; Jesus.

Just the mention of the name of Jesus can conjure up all sorts of images and ideas for everyone. But imagine Jesus as a real person and imagine that you’ve been created to interact with real people. Interacting with Jesus is like interacting with a real person. The more time you spend with them, the more you get to know them. The more you get to know them, the more you trust them. The more you trust them, the more you believe them and the more you believe them the more likely you will want to emulate them. 

But, how is it you get to know Jesus for yourself? Even though he is not visible he is knowable. 

Remember, we have been created for relationships and long for a perfect one. When we become interested in knowing who Jesus is for ourselves and investigate for ourselves who Jesus is, the possibilities for a perfect relationship begins. 

Why bother being a nonconformist? Jesus does not expect us to conform to this world nor to one of its countercultures. Instead, he calls us to be transformed by the perfect relationship he offers to each of us.

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