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Why Bother With Order?

When there is order to life, there is a sense of harmony. When there is disorder, there is discord and cacophony. We are created with an innate expectation for order. If we did not expect there to be order, then we wouldn’t know the difference when things were out of order. 

  Sense of Security

When there is order to life, we have a sense of security, we know what to expect.  For instance, because of the earth’s axis and orbital plane, winter has to give way to spring. Winter, though seemingly long in the northern hemisphere, does not last for twelve months, rather, only three. 

We know what to expect from winter; cold winds, short amounts of daylight and snow. We do not expect to see daffodils blooming in our yards in January. If spring flowers did appear, we’d know that something was wrong. When those daffodils and tulips finally do show their faces though, it is a sure sign that winter has left. 

Then there are those man made laws that govern our cities, towns and states. Although we may sometimes whine about them, they are there for a good reason; our sanity.  

Can you imagine complete lawlessness? Accidents happen even when there is order to our streets and highways. But, what if there were no speed limit laws, no lines to divide traffic lanes and no stop signs. Craziness would reign. 

Now consider personal rules and regulations we put in place in our homes. If my husband and I had not trained our sons to respect the fact that we were in charge and they were not, mayhem would have dominated our home. 

As it was, each of our sons tested the boundaries. They wanted to know without a doubt if we really meant what we said. Sticking to our guns, so to speak, gave them the assurance and peace they hungered for. Our rules gave them a taste of gravity to their lives. 

Now, let’s contemplate our own sense of reason, confidence and assurance . Where does it originate from? 

I believe that the One who keeps the planets in their orbits, the earth suspended in space, and who limits the seasons, is the One who is in charge. Conforming my ways to the One who is in charge of the universe brings into my life what I crave; peace, rest and ease. 

Why bother with order? Nobody likes disorder. To live an orderly life is not complicated, but simple. All we have to do is believe the One who gives order to life.

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