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Why Bother to Remember?

Just about everyday, I get a text from a friend who says, “I am praying for you today.” 

The other day, just out of curiosity, I texted her back and asked, “What exactly do you pray for me?”

She answered, “Wisdom with students, staff and parents. Courage to move forward in teaching in your own way, patience and understanding with your students, encouragement and feeling God’s presence and love throughout your day and safety on the roads.”  

Being Aware

Throughout my day, when face to face with a belligerent student, a mad mama, or yet another administrative hoop to hop through, I recall that there is someone praying for me. When I keep this in mind, it gives me the courage, patience, and stamina to do the next right thing.

Calling to mind that my friend prays for me reminds me that I do have the wisdom to speak the right words needed to calm a student down. I can listen, give them a gentle touch on their shoulder and let them know that I care with just a word or two. 

When I remember that my friend is praying for me, I sense my own power of self composure which is necessary to bring my class to order without reacting angrily toward them. A room full of students can generate a lot of different kinds of energy and not all of it positive. Standing in the midst of this wave of fervency can overwhelm me. Recalling that my friend is praying on my behalf keeps me poised, upright and able to bring my students back to order.  

Bearing in mind that I have a friend who is praying on my behalf gives me the ability to remain vulnerable when face to face with a mad mamma who is no longer mad. I have what it takes to forget the old altercation, keep my heart free from any grudges and present myself as a friendly and helpful teacher once again. 

Then, just when I think there is more than enough to do, my administrator reminds me of a few items I’ve forgotten to take care of. Bearing in mind the person who is praying for me, I can take a deep breath and move forward with the assigned administrative task and complete it before the deadline. 

Why bother to remember? Though I do not know exactly how prayer works, it is enough to know and remember that someone is praying on my behalf. It makes all the difference in my world. 

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