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Why Bother to Reboot?

I do not mind computers as long as they are working. But, I’d rather not dilly dally around when something goes wrong with one because then I get intimidated. Can I fix it myself or do I need to call a technician? 

I’d rather not call a computer technician. They have a language all their own, and like Latin or Greek, I don’t understand it. More often than not, I have to ask them to repeat their directions and when they do, I hear a long sigh before they try again. 

Once, a friend of mine suggested a simple solution. Before calling anyone, try unplugging all the cords to the computer and then after a minute or two, plug them all back in again. Her advice proved to be the simplest and easiest solution. More times than not, that is all that is needed to reset whatever needs resetting.   

Unplugging Myself

I’ve discovered that like a computer, sometimes that is all I need to do as well; unplug to reboot. None of us are immune to life’s overloads and demands and finding a way to unplug ourselves from all of the things life hurls at us will keep us reasonably sane. 

I first recognized the benefits of unplugging to revive my inner rhythm when my three sons were small and needy. I’d leave my husband in charge of them and take walks all by myself on Sunday afternoons.  After sixty minutes of no one calling out, “Mom,” I felt renewed and recharged, ready to face the demands of motherhood with new energy. 

Later, as the kids got older and more independent, I took myself away for a whole afternoon. Mounting my bike, I’d peddle my way onto the windy, hilly and quiet roads and feast my eyes on the glorious landscape of open fields and mountain peaks. 

Now, with sons grown and gone, I have the luxury of taking more than an hour, and more than an afternoon to reboot. 

I’ve added to my repertoire and extended my rejuvenating time by taking weekend silent retreats and road trips with my husband. 

Yes, it takes a commitment to leave behind our regular lives and our important commitments to others, yet life has a way of going on without us being there to make sure life goes on. 

Why bother to reboot? Getting into the habit of stepping away from the regular routines and demands of life for an afternoon, a few days or longer, benefits everybody. Presenting our refreshed self to others may revitalize them too. 


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