Why Bother To Notice An Aha Moment?


Why Bother To Notice An Aha Moment?

A little more than a year ago, one of my sisters carried through with an aha moment that she’d had. When the world had more or less shut down, and traveling anywhere to visit anybody was not even a choice, she wondered how all six of her siblings would stay connected. While cleaning one day, her aha thought rose to the surface and suddenly, she had her solution to the problem of staying in touch. She instigated weekly conference calls with the family. And though the world has once more opened up to traveling, our Macek Maverick calls, as she dubbed them, are still ongoing. 

          Those Aha Moments

Aha moments are somewhat special.  They come unexpectedly shedding light on a confusing situation. Without force, they rise to a level of consciousness and bring a new perspective on an old or limiting pattern of thought. Without a doubt, an aha moment makes us smile and the result is a positive one. 

I liken my aha moments to finding something that I’ve lost. Locating an earring I’ve dropped on my bedroom rug or finding the stack of papers I’ve set down somewhere in my classroom requires that I notice what I can’t see at the moment and yet I know it is there. Aha moments are like a light that illuminates the dark corners of our brains to show us that the answer has been there all along. 

But, not all aha moments are created equal. I’ve been faced with more than one conundrum in my life and I’ve had a few great aha moments concerning them. But what stops that fresh and insightful thought from becoming my new reality? Usually my husband, sometimes a close friend and other times one of my siblings. 

Sharing the new discovery you’ve made about an old and boggling issue is a simple test to the validity of your aha moment. Just talking about the idea with someone you trust brings it from the ethereal world to a three dimensional world. I already know I lean toward idealism and so do my ideas. When I share my aha moment with someone other than myself, I am confident when I get their nod of approval  or when they begin to question my new concept telling me it’s not such a good one. 

Why bother to notice an aha moment? It might be worth it to give birth to your new reality or may not. Don’t be the only judge. Share that aha moment with a trustful friend and then watch for them to smile or not. 

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