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Why Bother To Moderate?

Why Bother to Moderate? 

Unlike our thoughts, which stream endlessly through our minds faster than the speed of light, our physical energy does not work that way. Even when we eat right, drink the recommended ounces of water per body weight and get a good night’s sleep, our stamina still has its limits.

Conserving Energy

I learned to regulate my bodies’ energy when I participated in triathlons. With three events, swimming, biking and running, it was important to understand how to parcel out my limited supply of vigor. The first event, swimming, always required the highest level of my stamina, followed by a period or recovery while riding my bike. Though running was the last leg of the competition, I could always press hard to cross the finish line because I knew I was nearing the end of my competition. 

Even though I no longer compete in triathlons, I apply these same ideas— understanding my strengths, not over-expending myself in one area and keeping a steady pace—to carry me through my normal daily life. 

Moderation is about finding our happy medium. When we apply the idea of moderation to any area in our life, then we know how to regulate ourselves so we do not become excessive or compulsive people. Whether it is eating, drinking, writing, or exercising, finding and honoring a healthy limit is beneficial. As the saying goes, life is not a sprint, it is a marathon. 

Why bother to moderate? It is good to find our happy medium so that we can stay happy at what we do.  

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