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Why Bother To Live Without Regrets?

Why Bother To Live Without Regrets?

Like being shackled to a heavy iron ball and chain around the ankle, regrets are weighty and encumber our lives. When we drag remorse around with us through life, we find our freedom limited. But, we don’t have to live shackled lives. We possess the power that unlocks us from our remorse.

 Begin Today

Every day is a new day and an opportunity for a fresh start. We may not be able to go back in our past and repair the damage already done to a relationship, but we can live in the present moment in such a way that nurtures the connections we do have and maybe even gain a few new ones along the way.

Displaying an attitude of humility and modesty disarms even the most aggressive and angry individual. Being right is not usually a matter of life and death, it only feels that way at times. When we allow another person to voice their thoughts and opinions with whatever degree of passion they feel, we are allowing them to be heard. We don’t have to take what they say personally, agree with them or even make a comment. They most likely don’t have a bone to pick with us, nor do they need our advice, they simply desire someone to hear them out. Just listen and validate them by saying, “It makes sense you would feel that way.” 

I admire the people who serve me; waitresses, grocery clerks, and anyone behind a counter.  They have a special knack for common courtesies, and kind and polite words. Even when it is not their fault, they know how to diffuse tension when there is a complaint or misunderstanding with two little words, “I’m sorry.” “Please and thank-you” roll naturally off their tongue and they are not afraid to make eye contact. Their smiles are genuine and done with ease. In general, they aim to serve  the general public to the best of their ability and when you leave their presence, it is usually with a pleasant memory of your experience with them. 

Be generous with forgiveness. Most of us are clumsy when it comes to communicating our thoughts and emotions. We say too much or not enough and are misunderstood more than we are understood. Yet our expectations of others can be too great. We want them to appreciate us, and get our ideas even when they are incomplete. But, when we remember no one is perfect or faultless then we put ourselves on the same level ground as the next human being. We all need to be generous and lenient toward each other. 

Why bother to live without regrets? It is worth our time and effort to be kind, polite, understanding, generous with forgiveness, humble and polite. Then we live unencumbered and freely.

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