Why Bother To Know Ourselves?

Why Bother To Know Ourselves ?

It is good to know who we are. If we do then we get along better with ourselves, understand our particular needs and when necessary, know how to accommodate our shortcomings. For instance, I am directionally challenged. Once, when we were on vacation, I went out for my morning run and got turned around in a subdivision for quite some time. When I got back to the motel my husband asked if I’d gotten lost. I just gave him a sheepish grin. Another time, I lost our houseboat while camping on Lake Powell. Though I found my way back to the boat, my journey took about twelve hours and caused extreme high levels of stress and worry to my family, especially to my husband.

 Because I know I get lost easily, I do not hike in the wilds alone and before traveling by myself, I map my route ahead of time. Even then, I’ve been known to lose my way. But, although I am directionally challenged with geography, I have learned to trust my inner compass which keeps on the right track.

Moral Compass

I was a youngster when I first became aware of my moral compass. I’d watch my siblings talk back or lie to either Mom or Dad and notice the consequence—a very displeased parent. It became clear to me that the right thing to do was to respect others and never lie. These were two of the earliest values I named and claimed for myself. Telling the truth and living truthfully keeps me going in the right direction. It is not always simple to speak truth to someone, nor is it always easy to hear truth spoken into my life, but the alternative, living a lie or speaking lies to others, is a much worse road to travel down. 

Though I enjoy spending money, pursuing wealth is not one of my goals. While growing up, I never went hungry and when I became an adult, I learned to live within my means. When we raised our family, we chose to live with one income, my husbands. We missed out on buying a motor boat, a camper, and building a summer home on the lake, but we found ways within our means to have fun. I know the value of relationships surpasses any benefits gained from chasing after a six figure income. 

Since I have only one body which has to last my whole life, I place great importance on taking care of the one I have. Though some people think taking care of myself is a selfish thing to do, I know that when they need me, I want to be the best me, for them. 

Always learning keeps me growing and moving forward. I want to stay curious and unassuming so that I don’t get stuck or ingrown. With my moral compass intact, adding knowledge only adds wisdom.

Why bother to know ourselves? It is worth it to know ourselves because our moral compasses are attached to who we are. And it is a dangerous thing to lose either ourselves or our path. 

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