Why Bother Tapping Into the Power of Gratitude?

Why Bother Tapping into the Power of Gratitude?

Today is a new day. Like a blank canvas, I get to create how the next twenty-four hours will look. Some events are already prearranged for me, such as going to work, while other circumstances will be a surprise. Though I may not have the power to control those surprises, I do have the power to control how I respond.  Remembering that I possess the power of gratitude will make all the difference in my day.


Lately, I’ve been made more aware of being thankful. It was the theme of a yoga class I recently attended. A quote the teacher left us with was, “Keep saying thank you until you mean it.”

Also, a text message from a friend the other morning included these words, “Are you ready to collect the blessings God has for you today?” 

Both instances make me acutely aware of the power of gratitude. All I have to do is remember to be grateful. And it starts with those little things. 

For instance, today, I can appreciate the small gift of not having to drive to work. Instead, the person with whom I carpool will be driving. It’s my turn to sit back and enjoy the ride in the heated passenger seat.  

Though I like my job, teaching 29 fourth graders is not an easy task. But, it is easy to be grateful for the team I work with. I know that when I need advice, perspective or help in any way, one of my coworkers is within my reach. All I have to do is ask. I am not alone in the job I have to do. 

Gratitude can be an uncomplicated, inexpensive and readily available antidote for attitudes that can plague any one of us at any time of the day. 

Is there a slow driver on the road, an unruly child in the classroom, a demanding boss who had called me to the office or a cold winter day ahead? I can change my perspective of anyone of these predicaments when I tap into the power of gratitude. 

Seeing the day through a lens of gratitude changes my view. I can be glad when that slow driver finally moves over so I can pass. An unruly child just might need me to take a moment with them. That seemingly demanding boss is just showing me how I can improve. And as for that cold winter day, well it just makes my winter jacket feel all that much more warm. 

It seems that when I begin to remember that I can be grateful, I find more and more to be grateful for. 

Why bother tapping into the power of gratitude? With a little thankfulness, a whole day changes into a collection of blessings.

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