Why Bother Taking Inventory of Commitments?

Why Bother Taking Inventory of Commitments?

Every year, retailers take inventory in order to take stock of the items which sold the most and those which sold the least. The items which made the business the least amount of money are either given less shelf space or deleted altogether, while the items which sold the most are given even more shelf space.

For instance, the pet section in my favorite store has grown exponentially while the bread section has shrunk. The demand for doggie treats, specialized foods and grooming products for cats and dogs has increased among consumers. Pet food, not fresh bread, is now a greater priority, at least for some. 

Taking Stock

When retailers take stock of inventory it weeds out the products that are only taking up space and give no profit. The same can be said for us when we assess our commitments. Do the pledges, vows and and promises I’ve made to myself and perhaps to others serve me well or do they only take up space, consume my energy without giving much of a return?  

It is a thoughtful process to choose our commitments wisely. Just like the pet aisle in my favorite grocery store, there are many choices. But the selections automatically narrow down when I consider my pet. Am I making a purchase based on my parakeet, an old dog or a kitten? Knowing which kind of animal I have eliminates the distractions of other possibilities. If I have a parakeet, I don’t have to consider cat food. 

Choosing which commitments to make begin and end with the end goal we have in mind. There are many choices, but only particular ones which fit what I am aiming to accomplish. 

Like having a shopping list, knowing my values forces me to focus. I am less likely to choose a commitment if it does not follow my “meal plan.” 

Why bother taking inventory of commitments? Though there are many things we can commit to, sticking to the ones that we know will help us meet our goals while removing the others will help us accomplish what we are aiming to accomplish. 

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