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Why Bother Knowing Who’s Sovereign?

I grew up in a family as the sixth of seven kids. Being nearly the youngest, I learned a lot from watching my siblings’ behaviors and the consequences that followed some of their antics.

 My oldest brother had a temper and at times, displayed it for everyone to see and hear. But he always received a reprimand from Dad for such actions. He eventually learned that cursing and throwing his football helmet was unacceptable behavior.  

In Charge

There was no question as to who was in command of the home front: Dad. He had supreme authority and power.  

As a kid, I found comfort in knowing who was in charge of keeping my siblings and I in line, but I also knew that from the same one who was in command, came comfort and solace. 

I didn’t have too many trials as a kid, just the usual run in with teasing from siblings and classmates. But, I was also quite sensitive to noise and commotion. Sitting on Dad’s lap though, I’d find respite from the racket, ruckus and disorder that naturally came from a house full of kids.  

Weather permitting, Dad liked to sit on the front porch swing and light up an after dinner cigarette. My birth order kept me from being missed from the commotion of after dinner cleanup, and I’d follow Dad to the front porch swing. His lap was always open to me and there, in his presence, I felt complete ease.

Then he left, unexpectedly and tragically by taking his own life and I was left comfortless.

Without my father’s consolation, reassurance, and solace, there was only discomfort, anxiety and worry. Without anyone in command, chaos reigned. 

Then, in my early twenties, unexpectedly, I encountered Jesus, and discovered the comfort, solace and compassion found in the One who is in charge of the universe. 

Receiving comfort from Jesus allowed me to unload the old grief from my father’s death, and maintain hope in the midst of the heartache of a rebellious child. Knowing the One who is in charge, frees me from the fear, worry and anxiety that accompanies any and all adversities.   

Why bother knowing who’s sovereign. I am well acquainted with the One who is in charge of the world and the One who is in charge of the world is also the One who gives solace. 

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