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Why Bother Doing Whatever It Takes?

Why Bother Doing Whatever It Takes?

I love my husband and his domestic abilities. He cleans up behind me after I cook, does the grocery shopping and helps me with the Saturday morning house cleaning. Recently, he extended his talents by searching for and purchasing an item for our household and it wasn’t a T.V.

I’d been looking for a new set of bed sheets. I began my search by looking for them at a box store, but I didn’t like the limited selection. Then I browsed an upscale thrift shop with no luck. My husband suggested shopping online. I’m not an online shopper, I told him. 

Then, one Sunday morning, after a leisure breakfast, he asked if I wanted to talk about bed sheets. Bed sheets and not football? I was curious and waited. He picked up his phone and read some reviews about cotton sheets versus bamboo. I sipped my coffee and stared at my husband. He’d researched bedding? He had my undivided attention. 

He continued reading the comments and I asked a question or two—what about the price? There is a sale right now on the bamboo sheets. Okay, why don’t you order them. You choose the color because I don’t have a preference. Then, while I took a shower, he ordered sheets and cleaned the kitchen. It hasn’t always been this way.

Commitment Changes Everything 

Later, while taking a walk along the sandy shoreline of the lake, I brought up the topic of  bed sheets. My comment that I don’t shop online had not hindered him. 

“We’ve come a long way in our relationship,” I said.  

“Yep, we’ve both changed.”

“ I know, but how did that happen?”

“I decided I’d do whatever it took to make it work.”

“What was the biggest change you had to make?”

“Deciding to communicate with you. How about you?” 

“I had to wait for you to communicate, because demanding it did nothing.” 

I love my husband and our marriage. It hasn’t always been this way, but when we decided we’d do whatever it took, it changed everything.

Why bother doing whatever it takes? It is worth doing whatever it takes, especially when it comes to the union of marriage. In doing so, we may be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

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