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Why Bother Considering Where We Place Our Hope?

Becoming a believer has had its surprises. When I agreed with Jesus that he was trustworthy enough to follow, I had no idea where he’d lead. At the time, I did not know that was what a walk of faith was all about. We are not supposed to see what is up ahead, rather we see only enough to take the next step. 

The Journey of Faith

No one knows what sort of trouble they will encounter in their lives yet we know that believers and unbelievers both encounter hardships. But, there is a difference between us. Believers have unlimited hope that goes beyond this world, themselves and the problem. While the hope of an unbeliever is a pseudo hope, placed in people with limited resources.

I do not doubt that God uses human beings to meet our needs. Without doctors, counselors, pastors and friends we’d all be less likely to survive our sorrows. But, no matter what tragedy we encounter, we all have to decide on who it is we think is ultimately in charge. If I settle on the limited hope of this world, then I set my reasonable and unreasonable expectations on the people around me. And when they fail me, as any human being will do, my hope sinks and takes me down with it.  

On the other hand, if I am counting on God, who is bigger than any circumstance I encounter, then my prospects change. I cannot even fathom what might take place, but I can trust that whatever it might be, it will be something good.

In my short history with God, a mere forty years of walking a journey of faith, I’ve noticed a pattern. No matter what catastrophe, tragedy or sorrow I experience, God has a way of transforming it into something good.

My sorrow is not eliminated, but in the midst of it there is comfort. Doubts still show themselves, but they are simply my cue to keep trusting. And though I do not know what will happen, I still experience peace. 

As a Christian I experience all the similar setbacks, surprises, disappointments and troubles of a non-believer. But I am not defeated, deflated or beaten down. Instead, I keep my hope on the only one I know whose hope is endless.

Putting my faith in God is a continual practice. I’ve never found it to be instantaneous or automatic. Step by step, God conforms my way of thinking. Trials and tribulations that come with life in some way, at some time, work out for my good and God’s glory. 

Why bother considering where we place our hope? The decision is ours to make but the decision we make will either lead us to true hope or pseudo hope. 


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