Why Bother Considering the Best of 2022?

It is the last day of 2022. There are many things we can look back on, recall and review. Today and tomorrow there won’t be any shortage of  lists posted on the internet, in newspapers and magazines that will tout the best of everything from 2022.  Among them will be the best movies, books, as well as the best headlines. But I’d rather make my own list of things to reflect upon, chew over, and kick around because no one else can conjure up what mattered most to me this last year.

Recognizing Happiness

First and foremost from my list of the best of 2022 is that I’ve grown happier in the past 365 days simply because I am more aware of what I still have. 

I am still happily married. Though we’ve experienced some hardships, our marriage remains intact and vibrant rather than worn out and ragged. 

I still have people who I call friends and have even acquired a few new ones. It is a privilege to have those in my life who know me well and at the same time, do not use this knowledge against me. 

This was the year that I published my first book and I still have something to say. I have no shortage of words jostling around in my brain. They are just awaiting the moment when I can put them in some kind of order and onto paper.

My family is still my family. My brothers and sisters still pick up the phone when I call, my sons answer my texts and my grandchildren tell me they love me. 

  Faculties, health, memory, sense of humor and hair remain as does my faith and the 9-5 job. 

I wake up everyday and look forward to the routines I have in place. I still like to sip on a cup of coffee early in the morning and read books from authors who inspire me to keep being kind, always forgive and stay truthful. 

I am grateful that as I look back on this last year I realize that I am not as desperate as I used to be about being “right” about everything. Instead, I’ve gotten a little bit better at sitting still and listening more. 

Why bother considering the best of 2022? Giving thought to the things that matter the most to us, keeps us from forgetting about all the the things that remain. 


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