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Why Bother Checking Your Influencers?

We are influenced to think and act by a plethora of powers and forces in our lives. First of all, there are the face to face connections we have with others as well as virtual connections through different platforms. These platforms allow us to personify just about any personality we wish. Not only that, but with one click, we become “friends” or “dissociate”. 

Then there are books, articles, and webinars. Information about any topic is literally at the tip of  our fingers. 

But how do we choose who to believe? How do we pick those whom we “follow”? Unlike any other time, scrutinizing those who influence our lives is more crucial than ever.    

              Check the Source

Growing up, the T.V. shows I watched were in close alignment to the culture of that time. First, there was Leave it to Beaver, a “normal” American household with two parents, a male father and a female mother. Though there was always a minor conflict between Beav, and his brother, Wally, it was always solved with a little help from Mom or Dad. 

Then there was I Love Lucy. It was clean humor. Lucy always fell into some kind of conundrum, but her friend Ethel would always help her to get back on the right track before Rickie ever discovered she’d derailed. 

 My favorite show though was The Waltons. I had a crush on John Boy and I yearned for a family like his that said “good night,” to one another.  

Though I’ve not watched any television programs since the day I monitored the shows my kids watched, reruns of Star Trek, The Tool Man, everything sports, I hear from my grand kids that T.V. is much different nowadays. The “normal” family on any given show is not what it used to be, and humor is no longer unoffensive or clean. 

Though no one relies on T.V. programs to teach moral values, it seems that our culture is much more at risk than it used to be.  Movies and shows these days have a greater tendency to go against the values that once aligned more closely with most families. Wholesome programming is no longer popular.  But where is the filter and who is the gatekeeper? 

As adults, we are responsible for shutting off the offensive shows and monitoring what we or our young offspring view. We are the ones who need to choose who we follow on social media. Keeping company with crass or sarcastic people, does have a direct and negative affect on us. 

The noise from others that insists we need to listen or follow them is insistent. Temptations to go off track are plenty. But, we still possess the power to shut the power off. 

Why bother checking those who influence you? Think about it this way, do those with whom you keep company truly match your values? If not, maybe it’s time to turn them off. Remember, you are the one who possesses the power to do so.

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