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Why Bother Blogging?

Why Bother Blogging?

Blogging was not my idea. Though I enjoy writing, when I thought about putting my writing out there for all to read, my stomach churned, my hands dampened with sweat and doubts swirled inside my head. Yet here I am writing another blog to post. How and why did I end up here?

How Blogging Began

The word blog is a shortened version of weblog, neither of which are found in My New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, 1989 edition. In 1989, blogging did not yet exist. Not until 1994 did the first online diary or personal pages, as blog posts were first named, appeared on the internet.  A student by the name of Justin Hall wanted a place to publish his writing. He set up his own site on the internet and began posting his thoughts to the rest of the world. Ever since then, millions of people have created their own blogging sites and write about every imaginable topic. 

I began writing posts November 1, 2020. As of yet, I do not yet have a year behind me, but I am close. I post every other day or three times each week. I keep my words limited, 500-600. I aim to encourage, and inspire as well as stir up a new way of thinking about the common, ordinary things we think about. My ideas for topics usually hatch inside my brain the day I know I need to post a blog and never any sooner. It reminds me of how God provided manna for the Israelites while they were in the desert; one day at a time.  

My editor is the one who suggested that I blog. As an unknown writer writing a book, gaining an audience via the internet is paramount. She assured me that blogging builds an audience and when you put your book out there for sale, people will be more inclined to buy your book and publishers will be more inclined to publish your book because you are known. 

Though I do not aim to be as well known as the two authors who inspire me, I want to write as truthfully as Paul Harvey and as consistently as Erma Bombeck. 

I do not usually insert any links into my blogs, but I am inserting one today. If you choose to click this link, it will take you to an article I wrote for Epoch Times and reading it will only make you smile. https://theepochtimes.com/the-family-table-a-grandmothers-legacy-of-love-home-cooking-and-coffee-cake-mornings_3962926.html

Why bother blogging? As a writer, it is worth blogging to gain an audience who likes to read your writing. If you are a reader, I hope I make it worth your while to read my posts.

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