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Why Bother Being You?

The other day, after teaching my yoga class, one of the participants paid me a compliment. She said, “Thank you for being you.” Those words made my heart glad. There are dozens of yoga instructors in our community and yet this woman had chosen to come to my class, not so much because of the type of yoga I teach, yin, but simply because of the instructor, who happened to be me. 

   Compare Not

Compared to other yoga instructors in my community, I am not well known. I do not own my own studio, I do not have a following on social media nor am I sought out as a guest speaker at yoga retreats. In other words, I am not popular, just regular. I am one of many. 

If I were to stand shoulder to shoulder with other yoga instructors in my community, I would be older than some and younger than others. My physique is similar to others, lean, but there are some who are leaner than me. I am tall, yet there are those who are taller. I became a certified instructor in 2017 yet I know a yoga teacher who began teaching before yoga mats were even invented! I also know some who have just finished their yoga certification programs and those who are just beginning. 

I’ve attended yoga classes in private studios where the numbers of participants exceed the given space of the studio and some have to be turned away because of that lack of space. I’ve also attended workshops where there were hundreds of participants. My Sunday morning yin class, on the other hand, has about a dozen people who make the commitment to come on a regular basis. I also have an occasional drop in or two to see what the class is all about. But, there is always plenty of room for both the regulars and the drop ins and as of yet, I’ve never had to turn anyone away because of the lack of space. 

I know my strengths as a yoga instructor. While training to be an instructor, my teacher complimented me on my voice. It is strong and clear and is easily understood. One of my weaknesses was of course, my lack of experience and knowledge. But over time, I’ve grown into my role as a yoga instructor and matured personally as well. I’ve settled into being the yoga teacher that I am.

I know I am not like others, but I also know I’m not supposed to be like others. I’m only supposed to be me.

Why bother being you? There is only, after all, one of you and only you can be you. Who else but you could be you? Nobody.

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