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Why Bother Being Who We Are?

If I weren’t me, then who would I be? I’d make a lousy someone else. When we believe it is better to be authentic than to be an imposter, to be genuine instead of disingenuous and to grow comfortable in our own skin then we can accept who we are and who we are becoming.   

We’re Not Finished Yet

Growing up, there were two people who I felt knew me the best; my dad and my Grandma Weber. I knew these two people knew me because they never mistook me for one of my siblings or one of my cousins. They took the time to get to know me. 

Dad knew I liked sitting on his lap on the front porch swing while he smoked an after dinner cigarette. He understood my fear of thunder and sensed that I enjoyed him reading bedtime stories to me. Knowing he knew these things about me made me feel okay with who I was. Though my older sisters were prettier than me, and my brothers were braver than me, Dad was okay with who I was. His acceptance gave me the ability to relax and be okay with me, too.  

Grandma knew me as well. When I’d spend the night at her house, she never tried to serve me sauerkraut gravy because she knew I didn’t like it. She was savvy to the fact that I liked her chocolate chip cookies and root beer floats better than anything. She also knew that I like to sit and listen to her stories about growing up with her many brothers and sisters. Grandma understood my personality and treated me as a unique individual. To her, I was a one of a kind kid.

Learning to like and accept ourselves is a forever process. We are all unique, no two of us are the same. We may share similar abilities, preferences and beliefs, but we each contribute something different to the shared pot of humanity. 

 I am not the kid that I used to be, but I am still imperfect, socially awkward, energetic, competitive, creative, and introverted. But these qualities do not hinder me from having the eagerness to try new things, meet new people and grow and expand in knowledge. Being who we are is a forever process. 

Why bother being you? There is only one of you. And if you were not you, then who would be you? 


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