Satisfied Life

Why Bother Being Satisfied?

Being satisfied is a good feeling and comes in a variety of ways for all of us. For instance, I am flooded with satisfaction after swimming a designated number of laps in the pool at the health club. When I climb out of the water I immediately have a sense of exhilaration, satisfaction and accomplishment. I know that completing this personal goal of swimming a mile on a regular basis is good for me and being fit and able to meet this ambition fills me with contentment. 

Benefits of Satisfaction

Satisfaction is an attitude we can aspire toward and when we do, we are graced with gratitude, peace, and a merry heart. 

Have you ever noticed how people who are satisfied are easy to be around? Instead of being harried and rushed they know how to be present. They can stand still long enough to listen, acknowledge you in a meaningful way and see you as an opportunity to support or encourage and not as an inconvenient interruption. After parting company with a contented person, I look forward to seeing them again because I know that being in their presence is a satisfactory and uplifting experience every time. 

When we are satisfied, we are content with what we have and at ease with our circumstances. This is tax season, when we gather information about our yearly earnings and take it to our tax preparer. Looking over my income numbers from this last year, my husband remarked, “Honey, you earned more than me this year.” I guess there is a first time for everything. 

As a couple though, we’ve learned to live modestly no matter our earnings. We’ve definitely grown our financial portfolio over the years and improved our way of living, but making money has never been something we’ve set our sights on. Healthy living, hard work and being happy has been more of our focus than chasing after a six figure income. 

Finally, satisfaction brings gratitude. Being grateful for what we have as opposed to dwelling on what we don’t have is similar to looking at a glass of water as half empty or half full. The glass holds the same amount of water, but it’s our attitude that gives us our perspective. 

Why bother being satisfied? A satisfied life is a life that is worth living.

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