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Why Bother Being Known?

Not too many people know me. My name is not in the news, I’m not on social media and I have no “followers”. But those who do know me, know me because they’ve taken the time to do so.  

Who Really Knows Us?

Growing up, there were two people who I felt knew me the best; my dad and my Grandma Weber. I knew these two people knew me because I felt safe and unguarded around them. 

Dad knew I liked sitting on his lap on the front porch swing while he smoked an after dinner cigarette. He understood my fear of thunder and sensed that I enjoyed him reading bedtime stories to me. Knowing he knew these things about me gave me the ability to relax and be myself with him. 

Grandma knew me too. When I’d spend the night at her house, she never tried to serve me sauerkraut gravy because she knew I didn’t like it. She was savvy to the fact that I like her chocolate chip cookies and root beer floats better than anything. She also knew that I like to sit and listen to her stories about growing up with her many brothers and sisters. 

Both my dad and my grandma understood my personality and treated me as a unique individual; as a one of a kind kid. Though I had many siblings and cousins, neither Grandma or Dad ever confused me with one of them. They knew me for who I was and it always felt good to know that I was known by them. 

When someone knows us well, we experience a sense of acceptance and peace in their presence. We don’t have to be afraid that they will hurt us, we have no need to worry about what they think about us, and we do not have to think of ways to impress them. They like us just how we are. 

Those who perceive us for who we are know our weaknesses, sorrows, joys, dreams and yearnings. When someone understands us, we are never forgotten or far from their thoughts. Being known for who we are is quite a wonderful phenomenon. 

There is One who knows us all and has complete knowledge of us; our Creator. There is nowhere we can go to get out of sight. There is no thought we think that is not understood and we are not far from the thoughts of our Creator. 

Why bother being known? Being known for who we are is quite a wonderful phenomenon. 


  1. Cathi Minchow Woells on May 21, 2024 at 1:05 pm

    I loved uncle Paul. He was so joyful and playful with us kids.

    Grandma Weber made each and everyone of us feel so special, like we were the most important person to her at the time.


  2. Jeff B on May 21, 2024 at 1:10 pm

    I like this twist on that old Sunday School song – “Jesus knows me, this I love”…

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