Why Bother Being Considerate?

For the last few days, my husband and I have been on a road trip. So far we’ve enjoyed a bluegrass festival, a national park and the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean.  Vacationing alone together with my husband has caused me to consider just how considerate of a man he is.            


I am aware of my own needs, and thankfully, so is my husband. He understands that even though we are on holiday, I’m still committed to posting my blog. That means that every other day, I need access to the internet. But none-the-less, he finds a way to accommodate me. 

We’ll look at the map together and agree on a small town to stop in that is sure to have a library. Then, he’ll leave me to blog for about two hours. He does not breathe down my back with impatience, but instead, let’s me go and do what he knows I need to do.  

My husband is also conscious of my need for movement. Though we’d planned a long distance ride in one of the national parks we visited, we did not know there would not be a bike lane or a shoulder. Instead, we’d have to share the narrow, windy road with car, truck and camper traffic. 

His take on the situation was that it would not be a safe or enjoyable ride for us. Yet, he also knew I needed some rigorous motion. We compromised and took two hikes while at the park. Then, the next day, we took a long bike ride along a road with a bike lane. 

My husband has no problem acknowledging and yielding to my crazy diet restrictions.

Presently, I am on a somewhat restricted diet; no gluten, sugar or eggs. Before sitting down in a restaurant, we’ll view the menu. If there is nothing edible for me, we’ll leave and find another place to eat. 

But my husband is not only considerate to me. He easily extends his thoughtfulness to strangers as well. 

While moseying about as tourists in a seaside town, we heard a car coming down the street. It seemed to be dragging something along with it. The driver pulled over to the side of the road and we watched while an elderly lady got out. She walked around the car looking for whatever was making the noise, but could not locate the problem. 

My husband noticed the issue right away and asked if we could help. The plastic piece under her front bumper had come loose and was dragging against the asphalt. Together, my husband and I proceeded to push the plastic piece back under the lip of the bumper.  The driver smiled, thanked us and headed to her nearest car dealership to get it fixed. 

Did I know that my husband had the character quality of consideration before I married him? I knew there was something besides his good looks that attracted me to him. But, back then I could not name that special trait. Now, I know it’s consideration, along with thoughtfulness, kindness, and a high level of an awareness of others. 

Why bother being considerate? When we consider others, we never know how it will affect their lives. It could possibly be the catalyst for an enduring relationship.

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