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Why Bother To Direct Our Focus?

Why Bother To Direct Our Focus

I have a friend with a green thumb. No matter where she’s lived, or the circumstances of her life, she cultivates the ground around her home and always plants a garden that results in color and beauty. Her specialties include a collection of bachelor’s buttons, bee balm, blacked eyed Susan’s, clematis, and corn flowers. 

Having more than one creative friend can be a bit intimidating and inspiring at the same time. Another sidekick of mine likes to quilt. She collects squares of colorful material and designs and sews blankets, wall hangings and vests. And still another friend spends hours and hours on intricate drawings and then fills in her pictures with detailed coloring. 

These friends of mine know that when they center their attention on creating something beautiful, beauty appears. 

         Where We Direct Our Focus

Whether we choose to  create a flower garden from a barren patch of ground, a full sized quilt from scraps of material or a colorful picture drawn from the imagination, focusing our energy on any given idea and taking action will produce something, while ignoring our idea will bring about its demise. 

Although I am not the artistic type, the gardening type nor a quilter, like my creative friends, when I choose to focus my attention on something, that something will grow, take shape and become more than just an imagined thought in my head. In short, whatever I focus on the most will grow the most. 

Pursuing a lifestyle that centers on mental and physical wellness for myself has been a central focus of mine for quite some time. As a result, the shape of my body reflects my physical practice of yoga, swimming, and running. Keeping myself mentally well entails nurturing those relationships that matter the most to me and include my husband, family and close friends. As a result, most of my relationships include little stress and much happiness. 

Whatever we choose to focus on, whether making art, a garden, a quilt or a healthy body and mind, we have the freedom to choose our point of focus and when we do, we will see the result of what we’ve chosen to focus on.

Why bother to direct our focus? Whatever we focus on the most grows the most.

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